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The conditions are as of the date January 1, 2014, Applies to any use of the website .ma
As well as by computer via mobile devices or any software application, all services provided by
offered and all contracts going to for the use of the website and its services.

By visiting our website you agree to these terms.
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sets the rules for placing advertisements, in order to keep the site clean and uncluttered.

General conditions of use

Protection of your privacy

our privacy policy is explained how we handle your personal information and how we protect your privacy when you using our website.



1. General

This Privacy Policy describes the policies of SARL policies regarding the collection, use, store, share and protect your personal data ("Privacy Policy"). This Privacy Policy applies to the website ("Website") and all related websites, applications, services and tools referring to this policy (hereinafter referred to as "Services"), regardless of how you have gained access, including access or use with the aid of mobile devices. SARL is the data controller under the Data Protection Act.


Scope and permission:

By using and related services, you expressly consent to collect, use, disclosure and retention of your personal information by us as described in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We advise you to read it regularly. Substantial changes in our Privacy Policy, we will communicate on our Website. The amended Privacy Policy will be effective immediately after it was first posted on our Web site. This Privacy Policy is effective as of 01 January 2014


2. What personal information we collect

You can visit our website without having to log on through registering an account. When you decide to provide us with your personal information, you agree that such information is sent to and stored on our servers. We collect the following types of personal data:

Information we collect automatically: When you visit our websites, our applications, services, and tools to use or respond to ads or other content, we automatically collect the data sent to us by your computer, mobile device or another device that lets you access. These data include, but are not limited to:

• the unique identifier of the device or mobile device, type of device or apparatus, information about your geographic location, computer and connection information, statistics on page views, traffic to and from .ma, referring URL, ad data, IP address; and

• Information we collect using Web beacons.


The information you provide to us:

We collect and store any information you enter on our websites or that you provide to us when you use our Services. These data include, but are not limited to:

• the information you provide to us when you register for an account or for the services that you purchase;
• additional information that you may provide to us via social media sites or third-party services;
• data provided in the context of dispute resolution, correspondence through our websites or correspondence sent to us; and
• information about your location and the location of your device, including unique identifying information of your phone if you have activated the service on your mobile device.

Data from other sources: We may receive additional information about you or collect from third parties and add it to our account information. These data include, but are not limited to: demographics, navigation data, additional contact information and additional information about you from other sources, such as government agencies, is permitted provided.


3. How we use your personal data

You agree that we may use your personal information collected (see above) for the following purposes:

• to give you access to deliver our services and customer support through email or by phone;
• to potentially prohibited or illegal activities, fraud and breaches of security to prevent, detect and investigate, and enforce our Terms of Use (think of the halt suspicious conversations via our website);
• to measure and improve our services, content, and advertising you tune;
• to contact you to record, by e-mail, push notification, text message (SMS) or by phone to inform you of our services for the benefit of targeted marketing, updates, and promotional offers based on your message preferences, or for any other purposes as set forth in this Privacy Policy; and
• to provide you with other services you have requested, as described when we collected the data.


Data sharing and registration on social media sites:

We can offer sign-on services that allow you to access using your login credentials on other websites to the website .ma or related websites. We can also offer services that allow you to share data with third-party social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter.

If you give us access to personal data stored on third-party websites, the scope of this access to personal data will vary by site and will be determined by your own browser settings and by your permission. If you want to link your account with a third party to your account and you authorize us to this information, you agree that we may collect data from these third-party websites, use, and storage in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Transfer of your personal information to third parties: We may disclose your personal data to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws and regulations. As further described below 4, we make your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We may share your personal information with:

• enterprises to deliver joint content and services (like registration and customer support), to possible illegal activity, policy violations, fraud and/or breaches to prevent data security, detect and investigate, and to help in decisions about products, websites, applications, services, tools and communication. will only use this information to send you marketing messages when you asked for their services, and will use your personal information in accordance with their own.


Privacy Policy.
• Service providers which we have contracted to assist us in offering our services on our website (think of financial services, marketing agencies, and technical support). In such cases, the data remain under the control of .ma
• certain third parties (such as holders of intellectual property rights, regulatory, tax, police, and other legal authorities) if we are required to do so abandoned by virtue of legislation or rise under this Privacy Policy. We may share your personal information:

- To comply with legal obligations or a court order; or

- If this is necessary for the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses (such as fraud, deceit or prosecution); or

- If it is necessary for maintaining our policies or to protect the rights and freedoms of others.
• Another third party which you have given permission to share your information with .ma (for instance in the context of a partnership).

• Companies with which we are planning in the framework of a merger or reorganization whereby we are adopted

• Members of our Notice of Infringement Program.  if the owner of an intellectual property or an intermediary in good faith believes that an ad violating the rights of the owner. With all participants in the "Notification of Violation Program will, before personal data are provided, an agreement must be concluded that among others, that information will be provided under the strict condition that it be used only in the context of legal proceedings and/or obtaining legal advice and/or to answer questions from the advertiser in question. Read more information about the Notification of Infringement Program.

Without limiting the foregoing, we will - in our commitment to respecting your privacy and to keep the website of malicious persons or parties - your personal information otherwise not disclose to law enforcement, other government officials, or other third parties without a court order or formal request the government in accordance with applicable law, unless we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to prevent an imminent threat of injury or financial loss or to report suspected illegal activity.

The information you share on .ma:

On our website, users have the ability to share ads and other data with other users, making this shared information will be accessible to other users. Since you are on our website and also is able to come into direct contact with a buyer or seller, we encourage you to think about how you share your personal information with others. You are responsible for the personal information you share through our website and therefore we cannot guarantee the privacy or security of information you've shared with other users.

We strongly recommend that, if you visit our site from a shared computer or a computer in an Internet café, after each session to log out. If you do not want the shared computer, and/or remember your information, you will need to delete the cookies and/or history of your website visit.

4. Marketing Purposes

You agree that we may use the information we collect about you, whether or not personalized, send or call you to take offers for products or services that might be of interest to you.

We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We may combine your information with information we collect from other companies and use it to improve our services and functionality and to personalize.

If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us, you can indicate your message preferences by sending an email to Support@.ma either in your My account.

5. Accessing, viewing and modifying your personal information

We cannot change your personal and account information. You can customize your data yourself by logging into your "My .ma account. When you place something publicly, you will receive your message (ad), may not be changed or deleted. If you want to close your account with us, please send us a request to do so. We will process your request within a reasonable time and process your personal information in accordance with applicable law. Alternatively, you can also contact Customer Support at Support@tijaramaroc.ma

For inspection of your personal data, we store and not directly consulted on unless Tijarmaroc not held under the Data Protection Act is to provide such access. We can charge a fee. This amount will not exceed the amounts permitted by law. If your details are incorrect or incomplete or irrelevant for the purposes for which we process your data, you can ask us to modify or delete your data. Such requests will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act. If you have any questions, please contact us with the subject "Request Privacy Policy": through the Contact form, http://www.tijaramaroc.ma/en/contact  

Or by writing to  SARL.  Attn. Customer Support, 13Avenue Essaouira Provisoir               Chantier 93200 Mdiq   


6. Protection and storage of your personal data

We protect your data using technical and administrative safeguards to reduce the risk of loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and as small as possible. You can think of firewalls, data encryption, and physical and administrative controls access to the data and servers. If you still think that there has been an abuse of your account, please contact us via the contact form.  http://www.tijaramaroc.ma/en/contact    


We retain personal data not longer than is legally permissible and delete personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purposes described above.

7. Other information

Abuse and unsolicited commercial communications ("spam"): We will not tolerate abuse of our Website. You do not have permission to other users by adding .ma to your mailing list (email or post), even when a user has purchased from you. unless the user as express consent. If you notice someone makes abuse of our website (spam or spoof emails), we ask you to send an email to Support@tijaramaroc.ma. If you think that a vulnerability has been discovered by a hosted website, we request you to send us an email to Tech@tijaramaroc.ma with an explanation of the vulnerability discovered by you on our website.


It is not allowed to use our communication tools to send spam or otherwise send content that violates our Terms of Use. For your safety, we scan messages automatically and can check for spam, viruses, phishing and other malicious activity or illegal or prohibited content. We do not store messages sent through these means permanently.

Third Parties: Unless otherwise expressly provided in this Privacy Policy, this Privacy Policy applies only to the use and transfer of information we collect from you. has no control over the privacy policies of third parties that may apply to you. When we work with third-party or third-party tools to provide certain services, we will explicitly specify the privacy policy is applicable to you. We encourage you to ask questions before you disclose your personal information to others.
Contact: If you have any questions about and our website please contact us by emailing  info@tijaramaroc.ma


8. Minors

The services of are only accessible to minor’s users if they have got permission for the consent of their legal representatives, and whether it is common in society that some of these minor age perform the act independently.


9. Not authorized user of the website

The content of the website may not be copied by the user, be reproduced and/or published.
The user is not allowed to modify the content of the website. Other than as described in these terms.
The user is not allowed to personal data of users who place an ad on, including email addresses and e collect phone numbers and/or approaching advertisers to offer their own products and/or services.

The database of advertisements rest of the database right. This keeps among other things that the user is not allowed a substantial part of the contents of the database to retrieve ads and to reuse and / or non-substantial parts of the contents of the database with ads to repeatedly and systematically ask and and reuse within the meaning of the Databases, unless the above except for personal use.
Nor is it allowed the user to display hyperlinks to ads on another website again unless has given permission.
It is also not the playlist to place ads on the website via an automated system, or in any other way than through the place ad button.
It is not permitted to place ads on behalf of third parties. As she has given it that consent.

10. Abuse of the website and the consequences

For your protection and to prevent abuse email addresses are protected by. Your response to an advertisement and any subsequent messages between the buyer and seller sent via servers. email protection works as follows.

When you respond to an advertisement on the website or receiving a response, the email addresses are protected. The emails go through the of servers which the e-mail address will be replaced by an email address, for example, looks as follows.

(Example) b.1c3p8oqlqajl4@mail..ma

Since your email address is not visible, you run less risk such as.

  • Junk item (commercial) parties with whom you have had e-mail contact in the past (Spam).

  • Viruses that are sent by email.
  • Individuals who want to abuse your email address for other purposes (for example sending fake emails).

In addition, we have added information about how long the user (with whom you have contact) is already running op. This additional information can help you in assessing the reliability of your trading partner.
The anonymous email address does not mean that alleged fraudsters have a free hand. We can always find out and take any measures the original email address. If a user has become the victim of fraudulent practices, the encrypted e-mail can be passed to the declaration by police.

Note: Your email address remains unknown to visitors. If you decide mutually exchanging email addresses naturally expires aforementioned.

Users must of course always take responsibility when it comes to trading safely.

For reporting illegal and infringing advertisements, we offensive content and other problems please use the system sign in; so we can work together to ensure that the site remains as clean and safe as possible. Complaints about fraud can be reported through our Contact form.  

If we indications and/or complaints from other users or for other reasons, that a particular user is not acting in accordance with the law and/or the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy, we can - if we see a reason to do so - for safety reasons and to protect our users include taking the following measures. can also take this action if you unreasonably using the Website, for example, if you use other users hinder or interfere with the proper working of the Website:
a. may limit the concerned User exclude the services of or certain functionalities for this User. You can think for example suspension of the account of the respective user, delete reviews, and can the limited placing ads or reactions.
b. can remove one or more User Ads without refund of the amount paid by User.

Examples of violations of the Terms of Use

To ensure that is accessible to everyone and remains, has user’s conditionality. The Terms of Use can be found here.

• Advertisements in which no concrete product or service is offered.

• ads that have been placed in a wrong section.

• Advertisements placed double.

• Advertisements where prohibited or suspicious objects and services are offered.

• Advertisements that infringe on (intellectual property) rights of third parties.

• Ratings containing a commercial message on behalf of the author.

• Users accessing advertisers for their own products and/or services (spam) and/or send a large number of messages in a short time to advertisers via the website of.

• Users whose actions lead to complaints from other users.

• Users who have strong suspicions that they act contrary to our Terms of Use.


You can report violations of the Terms through our contact or via the 'Log in "report this ad button in the suspect advertisement.

can the individuals' personal data processed in the framework of the above measures. Where the need is can within the limits of the law, by giving the individuals' personal data, such as the police.


11. We give no guarantees

We cannot guarantee that our services will always meet your expectations. Also, we cannot guarantee that the Website will operate error-free and/or that a continuous and/or secure access to the Site or portions thereof can be obtained.
All information and figures on the Website are subject to typos or misspellings.


12. Limitation of Liability

We exclude, to the extent permitted by law, liability for any damage caused by a User.

(1) use of the services of ;

(2) failure or not safe available on the Website or parts thereof;

(3) incorrect information on the Website;

(4) the decrease in third-party services or use of products purchased through the Website; or

(5) changes in the services of or changes in or on the Website.

If we for some reason still be liable, our liability is limited to a) the total fees that the User to paid during the 6 months prior to the act by which the liability is incurred, or (b) DH 1000,


13. Changes to the Services and Website

may change the Site or parts thereof at any time. We can also modify or terminate our services anytime. We will endeavor to announce such an amendment or termination within a reasonable time before it is implemented.


14. Third Party Websites and Services

The Site contains links to third-party websites (eg through a hyperlink or banner). has no control or influence over the content of these websites. On these websites, the (privacy) rules of that website. If you have questions about these rules of third-party websites, we refer you to their respective websites. This also applies to the user of the services of external service providers, such as third-party payment services. The use of these services will fall under the (privacy) rules of the respective service.


15. Complaints

You can submit complaints about the service through email info@.ma.
Complaints must be made within a reasonable time after you have determined to be submitted to a defect in the service, providing a period of two months at least will be timely. Complaints must be made fully and clearly described. We will endeavor to respond within 14 days after the filing of the complaint. In case this is not possible, we will within 14 days after the filing of the complaint, give an indication of the period of answering.


16. Other provisions


SARL. is located at.

13 Avenue Essaouira                                                

Provisior Chantier

93200 Mdiq


may change the Terms of Use or parts thereof at any time. will strive to announce such change within a reasonable period for entry into force. Changes will take effect within a reasonable time after they are announced, or after you again after the change of the Website and/or the services availed of, whichever occurs earlier.

If we do not enforce any provision of the Terms of Use, then that does not mean that we waive this right at a later time or to any other user or to enforce. Arrangements that depart from the provisions of the Terms of Use are valid only if in writing by confirmed. If one or more provisions of the Terms of Use by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, this shall not affect the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between SARL. And you and supersedes all prior agreements. The agreements resulting from all services and the Terms of Use are governed by Moroccan law. In the event of a dispute arising from this agreement or the Terms of Use, only the court in Tetouan will have jurisdiction. If the User acting as a consumer (a natural person not acting in the exercise of profession or business), this user also has the option within one month after invokes the jurisdiction of the court Tetouan, for resolution of the dispute by choosing the legally competent court.


  1. < > for posting ads

    In each ad may only be offered one concrete product or be searched.

  2. Each title and any text of an ad should contain a description of the offered or requested product or service offered or sought.

  3. Titles and texts of ads may only be written in Arabic, Spanish, French or English.

  4. < > is not allowed to place free ads more than once on the Website.< > ad should be placed in the most suitable section.

    The title and text of the advertisement must not be misleading, inaccurate or incorrect. The title and the text should be about the product that is offered for sale or service that is offered to describe precisely and clearly.

  5. < > ad may contain at least not discriminatory, pornographic, abusive or threatening or seditious and content. The content no political messages and third-party data may contain or be contrary to public policy or morality.< > is not allowed to place and pictures an ad that does not relate to the offered product or service offered.

    It is not allowed to mention or link to include websites that are wholly or partly filled with links to advertising websites or ads that focus in particular on the processing sites of ad revenue by generating clicks.

  6. It is not allowed to place ads that are placed just to generate clicks on a particular website.


Illegal or unauthorized products or services

It is not allowed to offer products that are illegal or unlawful or whose trade is prohibited. It is also not allowed to offer services where performance is illegal or unlawful. Look at the list of possible illegal or unauthorized products and services. http://www.tijaramaroc.ma/en/page/Prohibited+or+suspected+goods+and+services/98 Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but merely indicates that not all trade in the products or services that are prohibited in this list, they may be prohibited in certain circumstances, for example, for lack of a permit. Products and services that are not on this list may also be illegal or unlawful under the circumstances.


Both Advertiser and User submit themselves always good to look at and respond to the offer of products and services. Advertisers and Users are deemed itself to know the laws and regulations in the relevant product or service. We advise you to seek further information or advice when in doubt, for example, on the website of the regulator. Here also contains the list of suspicious or prohibited products or services suggestions.


No infringement of intellectual property rights of others

It is not allowed to take a product in an ad that infringes third party intellectual property rights. This implies inter other things that it is not allowed to offer a product that

  • infringes the copyright of another party, such as software copyright or music, or a painting or a photograph that was created by another party, without the consent of the other party;

  • infringes the trademark of another party, such as a clothing bearing a logo that other party that is placed without permission; or

  • Infringes the model law of another party, such as a bag which is reproduced without permission of the other party.

    In the title and text of the advertisement, only the brand name of the product may be used that is offered in the ad or requested.

    In the title or text of the advertisement should be used only the trade name of the company from which the product or the service originates. The mention of trade names associated with products or services that are not offered in the Advertisement is not allowed.

    The product must be in the text of the advertisement with other products are compared and not in the title. The comparison should not in any way create confusion about the original source of the product. The comparison may be called not a brand name associated with the other similar product.

    It is not allowed to include a disclaimer in the ad with regard to the authenticity of the product offered in the Advertisement. Advertisers must ensure that their products it is real and may be traded before offering them on.



    Placing an ad

    An advertiser places his ad by clicking 'place a new ad' on the Website. Before an advertiser can place an ad he should log in.

    When creating a user account is not allowed to choose an advertiser name that contains a [URL] or a portion of a [URL].

    It is not permitted to disclose your account information to third parties. It is not allowed to use third-party login details to place ads.


Advertising Agreement and Advertiser

  1. After the Advertiser has logged in, he can create an ad via the button "Place a new Ad".



Period that an Advertisement on the Website remains

Ads for which no special rules remain at least 3 months on the Website, provided that the applicable (payment) conditions, Advertisers’ do not Removes Ad themselves. Ads for which special rules apply, you will see the conditions on our website


Stand out the ads

In preparing the Ad Advertisers has the opportunity to have his advert 'stand', 'put up', etc. The rules for this are described on its Web pages.


Bids are not bound

Unless these Terms of Use has been arranged, is an offer for a product or service in an Advertisement non-binding. The Advertiser is not required such a (reasonably) to accept bids. If such an offer is accepted by an Advertiser commit the bidder not to purchase.

If the ad because of the expiration of the term placement or for any other reason is removed, the corresponding bids will also be removed.

It is not allowed to place bids on ads with the sole purpose of disrupting the bidding process.


Rules for offering the price/payment methods in an Advertisement

An Advertiser does not require a user in an ad to use certain payment methods.

It's an Advertiser not allowed to mention only a portion of the price in the price field.

Advertisers who as entrepreneurs offer their goods and services to individuals, based on its Law on VAT inclusive prices required to indicate in an ad.

Reports of advertisements in violation of the Terms of Use

Ads that violate the Terms of Use in any other way, such as advertisements in which illegal products offered or libelous content that can be reported through the Report This Ad button.

Abuse of the Report through the system report this ad is seen as an act in violation of the Terms of Use and may lead us to take the measures described in Chapter I, Article 10 towards the detector in question.


We give no warranties

Advertisers and Users should undertake sufficient research and to be informed sufficiently before they place an ad on the Website. We carry no control over the quality of the content of the ad, safety or legality of the advertised products or services, the correctness of the offers, the ability of Advertisers to sell products or services to be offered and/or competence of users to purchase products or to purchase the services. gives no guarantee on that. also cannot guarantee that the products or services offered on the Website by Advertiser meet your expectations.



 Ads and limitation of liability

Each user indemnifies claims regarding damage suffered by;

  • Entering into an agreement based on an Advertisement

  • The use of products purchased through the Website; and

  • The use of services offered through the Website


Modifications to

can change the website or parts thereof, such as ad duration and renewal options, change the format of the groups and categories, the layout of the site and search, at any time and in its sole discretion. We will strive to announce major changes within a reasonable period before they are implemented. can change the prices of paid advertisements at all times.


The ad can also be published elsewhere

can use the ad and its contents for their own publicity purposes. This means, among other things, that an ad or a portion thereof can be shown by us through other distribution channels, such as third-party websites, in print media or on television.

We can provide access to an Ad for publicity purposes to a third party in order to enable them to promote these and other ads on third party websites, by email, and through other channels. These promotions can contain (parts of) the ad.

The layout of Ads can be changed so that the ads are accessible from mobile devices or other third-party software applications.

The website contains references (egg through a hyperlink or banner) to third-party websites. These references can also be placed in or next to an Advertisement. has no control or influence on the content and policies of these websites. On these websites apply, the (privacy) rules of that site.