How to post your ad






To place an ad you must first log in, if you do not have an account yet?

You can create it by clicking on the link below.



                              Then press the button Place new ad






  •  There are four steps that you have to walk through.





          1. Categories



  • The first step is choosing a category, there are 57 categories where you can choose from. It is important to place your ad in the most appropriate category.







      2 .  Description


  • The title is very important it is also the announcement of your ad.

  • Then describe your product or service as good as possible. It is very important that you are clear about what you have to offer.








  • Enter the price or finch price to be Determined

  • here are drop-down boxes and check boxes. Walk them carefully and check what suits you Ad.






  • After you've gone through everything in step 2 click on the button Save & Next                       








      3.  Media

In Step 3, you can upload pictures, make sure you have clear and good pictures to upload. This increases your chances of success of selling or offering you Ad.







  • You can also put a YouTube video in your ad.









      4.  Profiel 

Step 4 will be the last step fill your own details.


  • Select the region where you’re offering the product or service.                                                                     

  • Here you can choose whether your address will be visible in ad.  

          (It is the address you have given in your profile.)                                                                                                

  • You can choose not to show your phone number.

         ( It’s the phone number you have given in your profile.)

  • if you want to add another number than you entered in your profile, then you can fill it in here.





  • This is the address information that you entered in your profile you can change them if you want in this Ad.






  • Click on the button Finish, and your Ad will after checking and approving, appear on the website.